The third of four musicians of the Saydam family, Ermukan Saydam was born in Kilis on March 16, 1927. He took violin lessons from the famous Hungarian violinist Karl Berger (1894-1948) in 1932 when he was 5 years old.

He had to stay in various parts of Anatolia due to his father’s duties and could only start attending Istanbul municipal conservatory in 1944, at 17 years of age. He worked with various well-known violin teachers at the conservatory such as Seyfettin Asal (1901-1955), Semih Argeşo (b.1916) and Ali Sezin (1897-1950).

He finished the Kabataş Lycee and studied philosophy at the Istanbul University. He also took lessons from the violinist Yetvart Margosyan (b.1912) between of 1949-1951. He completed his studies at the university and his national service and went to Germany in 1953.

He graduated from the Munich Music Academy in 1957 having studied under Karl Freund and Kurt Stichler. He was a member violinist of the Ankara State Opera Orchestra in 1958-62 and after 1962 the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. He thought in the music section of the Gazi Eğitim Enstitüsü (Gazi Teaching College) and upon retirement settled in Germany.

He is teaching at the Munich Unterschleissheim Music School and composing piano, violin and singing pieces.